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     Portable Interactive Electronic Whiteboard

Easily detached and stored to prevent damage and theft

Plug and play

Active area up to 100" diagonal

No flying spot, no deformation and no time delay

Mouse simulation function

Multimedia support function

Support regular whiteboard, magnetic blackboard, rear projector, glass plane, table top , wall and other surface

Multimedia interaction control: including wireless mouse and traceless writing. The writing pen fully replaces the mouse and realizes functions of left and right button, moving and suspending of the mouse. Meanwhile, the writing pen can be used for writing on any screen in a traceless manner, realizing dust-free writing.

Stroke-after-stroke replay: content to be written can be reproduced according to practical writing sequence.

Support functions of film recording, image capturing tool, clock, angle gauge, triangle, compasses, rectilinear scale, etc.

Support functions of pencil, brush pen, combination brush pen (flat-head pen), laser pen, highlight pen, magic pen, creating pen, circling, deleting, etc

Provide abundant teaching resources.
Support insertion of objects, such as pictures in various formats, videos, FLASH, standard text, etc.

Support the following seven file saving formats: EWB, PPT, PDF, JPG, PNG, TIF and HTML.

Support functions of soft keyboard, screen, flashlight, etc.
Support optional selections of pen color, line width and writing background.
Support page-up and page-down of PPT as well as mark and modification of PPT content.

Support standard figure recognition and hand-writing recognition.
Provide thumbnail function of written content.

BoyiI Features

Pentium®III processor or more advanced one,400MHz+ processor and 256 MB RAM

Windows 2000/XP/7/2003/Vista, Mac

Available USB1.1 or USB2.0 port

Positional Accuracy: +/-0.03mm

Working condition: -4oC -40oC, humidity: 15%-85%

Storage and transportation condition: temperature: -40oC -85oC, humidity: 5%-95%

Receiver dimension: 89*89*28mm

Controller dimension: 115*75*28mm

Weight: 300g, Input : electronic pen

Response speed: 3 m/s

  Portable ultrasonic interactive whiteboard for education and offices--DM4600  
  Easy to take, easy to install
1)Work with any projectors
2)Work with any computers with Window®me,Windows® 2000,Windows® XP, Windows® vista,Windows®7,Linux,Mac OS
3) portable and smart, only 0.15kg.

 Main Function


1)Correct: 9 points positioning adjust, high accuracy position, advanced calibration algorithm

2)Pen: Normal pen, row pen, magic pen, laser pen, writing pen, highlighter, pattern recognition pen, Chinese handwriting recognition pen, custom colour and width of the pen

3)Eraser: delete, selective delete, clean page

4)Multimedia: support avi, wmv, mpg, mov , swf and other video or Flash format, featured with embedded play and independent play

5)Hyperlinks: Add word, ppt, excel, internet hyperlinks in the document

6)Edit object: Edit handwriting, graphics, functions, etc on the page , arbitrary zoom, move, rotate, lock, unlock, and change the color, etc

7)Save format: support EWB,BMP,PDF,PPT,HTML

8)Edit replay: replay the text of whiteboard

9)Withdrawal and recovery: revoke or restore the previous action

10)Index: view, edit, copy, paste, delete, and sort

11)Printing: print text, include printing setting, printing preview

12)Language: supply multi languages

  Main parameters  
Panel Size(Support excluded) 148*148*34mm
Weight(Support excluded) 150g
Working way Wired
Power supply Power is obtained from the computer directly through the USB cables
Power Consumption 0.5W
CPU Pentium III or higher
OS Windows® 2000,Windows® XP, Windows® vista,Windows®7
Hard disk At least 500MB remaining(exclude data save space)
Work environment Operation Temperature: minus 4 degree to 40 degree, Operation Humidity : 10~80%
Accessories User manual, electronic pen, battery(LR6AA), Disk,USB cable, warranty card, pen point, quality certificate,giftbox
E-pen Specification
The penpoint will emit ultrasonic wave and infrared signal when pressed down, which is equal to the left button of a mouse is clicked.
Ultrasonic wave emitter
Do not cover the area with fingers, or the electronic whiteboard cannot accurately detect the position of the electronic pen.

Try to write on the screen board with vertically-held electronic pen.

Holding the electronic pen in other angles may cause error in working.

Do not use several electronic pens simultaneously, so as to avoid faulty operation


The penpoint can be replaced by pinching it and pulling out forcefully.

The electronic pen has the function of preventing mistaken trigger; when the penpoint or two pen keys are pressed down to make the electronic pen work for 2.5 minutes constantly, the electronic pen will automatically stop working.

When operating the electronic pen, you will hear buzzer, which means the electronic pen is emitting ultrasonic wave to detect the position. The buzzer will not adversely affect the surrounding people or equipment and also will not cause electronic shock.

Battery Replacement

1. Take down (put back) the battery cover. When putting back the cover, please follow reverse steps.

2. Insert (replace) the battery and then put back the cover. Please use AA alkaline battery (#5) and make sure the battery electrodes are correct.

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